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Almere Bowls ClubBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Indoor bowling in the Netherlands.
Sportcomplex 'De Toekomstgroep', Bongerdstraat 6, 1326 AB Almere, Netherlands
Bowls Club AlmeloBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Play indoors and outdoors in the Netherlands, on mats of at least 30 meters long and 4 meters wide.
Tennishal Schelfhorst, Veenelandenweg 38, 7608 HD Almelo
Bowls Club EindhovenBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Welkom op de website van Bowls Club Eindhoven. Wij zijn een gezellige club met rond de dertig leden.
'Aan De Meet', Amazonenlaan 4, 5631 KW Eindhoven
Bowls Club GaasperdamBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Relaxed play, internal and external matches and tournaments. New members welcome.
Gaasperdam sports hall, Ravenswaaipad 5, Amsterdam
Bowls Club HeerhugowaardBowls Club : Netherlands
Friendly club plays bowls indoor in the Deimoshal at Deimoslaan, outdoor at sports complex De Vork.
Deimoslaan 13, 1702 CK Heerhugowaard
Bowls Club OudenrijnBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Welkom op de site van Bowls Club Oudenrijn.
Sportcentrum Oudenrijn (Fletiomare Oost), Europaweg 48 3451 HG Utrecht
Bowls Club TilburgBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
A small but cosy association; both competition players and recreational players are welcome.
Tafeltennisvereniging Irene, Insulindestraat 3a, 5013 BA Tilburg
Bowls LosserBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Indoor bowling in Sporthal De Fakkel.
Gronausestraat 107, 7581 CE Losser
Bowls OldenzaalBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Indoor bowling at Sporthal de Luttermolen.
Sporthal de Luttermolen, Kroepsweg 1, 7587RJ De Lutte
Bowls OssBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Indoor bowling in the Sportcentrum Berghem.
Sportcentrum Berghem, Osseweg 38a, Berghem
Bowls Oud-BeijerlandBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Bowlsvereniging Oud-Beijerland.
Hortensiastraat 5 - 3261 HR Oud-Beijerland - Zuid-Holland
Bowlsclub De JackBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Bowling every Tuesday morning in the large sports hall on the ground floor of MFC 'De Doelum' in Renkum.
RBC De Jack, Hogenkampseweg 45, 6871 JK, Renkum
Bowlsclub PapendrechtBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
An association with about 30 members playing at Sportcentrum Papendrecht.
Sportcentrum Papendrecht, Burgemeester Keijzerweg 110, 3354 CV Papendrecht
Bowlsclub Stouw-EndBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Founded in 1991, with around 50 members. Play in the sports complex 'De Stouwe'.
Sports complex 'De Stouwe', Nijverheidsstraat 21 in Wierden
Bowlsvereniging 'de Hangmat'Bowls Club : Netherlands
Indoor bowling on seven mats at the sports hall Theothorne in Dieren.
Sports hall Theothorne, Callunaplein 81, Dieren
Bowlsvereniging SmallingerlandBowls Club : Netherlands
Indoor bowling from September to May; club play, competition and tournaments in the Northern Netherlands.
Sports hall De Drait, Dollard 125, 9204 CM Dragons
Bowlsvereniging WormerBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Summer and winter indoor bowling.
Sporthal Wormer, Spatterstraat 21 in Wormer
Charlois-Rotterdam Indoor Bowls ClubBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Indoor bowling Charlois-Rotterdam.
Krabbendijkestraat 520, 3084 LP Rotterdam
Enschede Bowls AssociationBowls Club : Netherlands
Summer outdoor play at Geessinkweg 148a (l-Équipe), winter indoors at the Pathmoshal at Veilingstraat 20 in Enschede.
Geessinkweg 148a, 7544 RB Enschede
Haarlem BowlsBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Indoor bowling from mid-October to mid-April in the sports hall of Onze Gezellen at the Aartweg 16 in Haarlem.
Sports hall Onze Gezellen, van der Aartweg 16, 2026 VK Haarlem
Indoor Bowls Club 't GooiBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Welkom op de site van Indoor Bowls Club 't Gooi.
Kalverkamp 29 3831 PR Leusden
IOBV Amigo Bowls RoosendaalBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
A small club with very enthusiastic members, who play in regional and national competitions.
Sportcentrum de Stok, De Stok 12, Roosendaal
Nederlandse Indoor en Outdoor Bowls BondAssoc/Governing Body : Netherlands
NIOBB - the governing body for indoor and outdoor bowling in the Netherlands.
Ons Kinnehim Lawn BowlsBowls Club : Netherlands
Clubinformatie, Nieuwsbrief, Toernooien, Fotografische impressies.
Bernard Zweersstraat 2, 2033 DE Haarlem
OSV Bowls BredaBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Welkom op de website van OSV Bowls Breda!
Optisport Racketcentrum, Terheijdenseweg 500, 4826 AB Breda
Rotterdam Indoor Bowls ClubBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Welkom op de homepage van de Indoor Bowls Club Rotterdam. Play every Tuesday Ommoord.
Max Planckplaats 300 te Rotterdam-Ommoord
't Overschotje BowlsBowls Club : Netherlands
Indoor bowling from November to April, outdoors from March to October.
Sports hall 'De Beemd', Zutphenseweg 110, 7241 SG Lochem
Woods Bowlsclub ApeldoornseBowls Club (Indoor) : Netherlands
Play indoors in the In the WSV sports hall, and outdoors Jun to August.
Sportcomplex 'De Voorwaarts', Sporthal WSV, De Voorwaarts 450, 7302 HJ Apeldoorn

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